The game owns. The End!

Seriously though, the game is awesome. I was never really a big fan of the Infamous series, everything seemed there but nothing really clicked for me. I honestly didn’t invest much time in either game, after this I should really re-vist at least the second game, but what I did almost put me to sleep. So when Second Son was announced I didn’t pay much attention, I’m sure I would try it out sometime at some place somewhere but there was no rush.

The biggest surprise for me was the story. Its nothing revolutionary but playing as Delsin was really enjoyable. His personality ties into the gameplay, Delsin is the exact type of guy who would go around jumping and zooming like a maniac and that helps feed your desire to do cool stuff. I always go bad the first time around and they did it pretty convincingly, Delsin doesn’t turn into some stupid cartoon character, he starts out more like a selfish teen and goes from there. While it wasn’t the nice thing to do a lot of the choices presented are not black and white. You could see someone making either decision and not judge them too harshly for it. It still doesn’t really matter or change anything in a really meaningful way, but hey its still fun. There are a lot of optional good/bad things scattered around the city and I even enjoyed those. They can be a little silly (KILL SIGN SPINNERS) but provide a nice little diversion. The ending does seem a little rushed and has a really clich├ęd part but overall I was very pleased with Second Son’s story.

You’re a punk-goth-goof but I’m a cop! And we are brothers! WHHHHOOOAAAAAAAA!!!!

The gameplay is even better. Like I said above Second Son really pushes you to have fun. The past inFamous games always seemed to punish me for running and gunning where here it is a requirement. You are constantly getting stuck, pushed back, flanked, and sniped from all over the place so standing still and shooting really isn’t an option. All of the powers have the same basic traits (speed, shooting, big boom) but they all play differently enough to keep things fresh. Each time I got a new power I began saying “this is fine I guess but I’ll stick with what I have” then five minutes later I was zipping and zopping with the new power and loving it. Some parts are almost Sonic-like, shooting from vent to vent before appearing on a roof then smoking ahead before slamming down on some poor sucker below. The game is practically begging you to flow through it.

I really can’t state how much fun I had. You are given enough cool powers and freedom to really rip it up. Not everything in the game is destructible but the parts that are are so satisfying. Shooting a missile at a guard tower, watching it crash down on a soldier, then rushing in for some melee, before getting enough kills to drop a bomb and kill everything out there. All while jumping, running, flying, and disappearing over the area to avoid death. So satisfying. I didn’t have too much trouble playing the game (I beat it on medium) but every time I died I knew it was my fault. I was too reckless, to passive, too stupid. Whatever the case I never felt like I didn’t have control of the situation or that something was unfairly difficult.

You didn’t really need a face anyway.

I won’t spend too much time on the presentation because really, the game is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. There is one part where the game travels forward in time and you are ripping around Seattle at night, muh gawd. And the rain? fuggetaboutit. No screenshot or youtubevideo does the game justice. The voice acting is also top notch, Delsin and his Brother especially are great together. Videogames are really getting good at presenting characters that feel real and Second Son is a perfect example of this. The back and forth between all of the characters is natural and engaging.

There is really no reason not to at least rent (does this exist any more???) this game if you own a PS4. It’s been a pretty barren landscape for game so far for the system and this is easily one of the best games I’ve played in a while. It’s early to say now but I could see it being a possible game of the year. It’s that good. The graphics, atmosphere, environment, characters, and most importantly gameplay is all top notch. The game lasted me about 15 hours or so, and that’s with completing everything and I immediately began playing again as a good guy. I don’t buy many games at full price but I will make an exception here.

Buy this game.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★