Updated: March 18, 2015

Project Wonderboy was a little site I started up bored one day. I used to frequent a lot of similar type sites but nothing really about video games so I thought I would try. At it’s peak it was doing over 500 hits a day. It sounds brutal (and it is) but I was pretty pumped about it. I really worked hard at finding new talent and improving the site the best I could. I eventually got bored and stopped bothering with the site altogether, a move I regret. Now it’s more of a personal site as I don’t really have enough time to start cultivating new writers as I once did.

This will just be a simple little page outlining some of the history of the site no one cares about. I really enjoyed my time being a web-master growing up, I met a lot of cool people and had a lot of fun making designs and forums and all that jazz. I miss it all sometimes, I enjoyed doing little reviews here and there but never really tried to improve or take it any further. I preferred the more technical aspect, working with php scripts and especially shaping the look of the site.

I’m not going into too much detail, if you see something you would like expanded upon let me know in the comments and I’ll get it done.

Design The look of Project Wonderboy over the years
People Contributors and friends of Wonderboy

One of the coolest things about all of this is that I’ve met a lot of fun people and some of them have even become famous! I would imagine none of them remember me and I know I’ve contributed zero to their success but still, it’s a nice little titbit about myself I like to share to people.

“Morphine” Jim Stanton (The Jimquisition, Twitter)

The biggest name that once posted on the site, Jim did a lot of good work on Destructoid before eventually breaking off and starting his own thing. He makes videos and reviews quite often and is a big member of the online gaming community. As lame as that sounds it’s actually pretty sweet! When he was posting here you could sense he was meant for something bigger, he continually improved and worked hard even for this small site. We didn’t talk all that often but I did help him design his old website Morphine Nation and chat with him time to time on AIM. I think it’s pretty sweet he’s doing so well.


My best online friend, negative and I would chat over AIM all the time. He really helped me out with ideas for both how the site should be run and the design. He was also a good programmer and created the posting script PW would use for a while. Along with his reviews and columns for the site he also worked with sites like Whatever-Dude and ABrokenCrate. Great friend to have who really helped me out over the years, I hope he is doing well.


I have no idea what he is up to now but he was one of the main contributors to PW over it’s existence. Much like Jim he was a hard worker who would post like clockwork and was always entertaining. I would speak with him quite a bit over AIM and I would say we were pretty solid friends, at least as much as you could say about internet friends at the time. Easily one of the best writers PW ever had and a great guy to boot.

“drqshadow” (Twitter)

I didn’t talk to these two as much as I did Guse, but all three of them pretty much carried PW. Without them I don’t know if the site would have even become a fraction of what it was. Always reliable, always entertaining. They are PW.

“Bruce McGee” and “PatMan” (Wonderpod Online, Twitter)

Super nice guys I met later in PW’s life who were always hard working and posted like maniacs. They started a podcast “Wonderpod” where they talk about games and other such nonsense. Once I gave up working on the site they broke off and continued it on their own, still posting to this day.

“G” Hall (Bored Wrestling Fan, LarG Productions, and Twitter)

Another guy who came into the game later on G was all over the place, posting about anything and everything. He also did a lot of music and agreed to let me us one of his songs in a few videos I did/was totally going to do. Another super nice guy and hard worker, he is now focusing more on wrestling with his website Bored Wrestling Fan.