I was never a big fan of the Far Cry series, haven’t played the first or second and while the third really seemed interesting I just couldn’t be bothered to play it at the time. I wasn’t really looking for much out of this one, it seemed like a solid game that let you do a lot of neat things.

That’s what it is.

The game can best be summed up best by it’s crafting system. Having to craft stuff to improve your gear is a neat mechanic and adds another collecting aspect to the game. It’s hardly anything new but a nice touch. The idea of killing three honey badgers to be able to hold more hunting syringes is done so straight faced you can’t help but love the goofiness of it. Want a bigger wallet? Just kill three bears! You know when a friend is trying to convince you of something so outrageous that you know it’s a joke but they do it with such passion and sincerity that you start to question yourself? That’s Far Cry 4.

This is a honest to god promotional screenshot I found. Look at this! Does those guys work for the Joker?What are those animals doing? What is this????

The story is well done, you meet a nice little cast of characters with personality to spare who proceed to babble on endlessly as if this were Broadway play. You are sitting there watching a character basically pontificate about nonsense with zero interactivity or really anything tying you down to what they have to say but you eat every word up. I found myself not caring about anything that was happening in this world but I’ll be dammed if I didn’t rush from one quest to the next just to hear the insane ramblings of these morons.

The game is what you would expect: tight controls, standard array of weapons, cool sneak attacks, all within a large map filled with things to collect and side quests to do. It shows how crazy things have become when this is the standard type of game you can expect nowadays. A few years ago this game would have been insane and now its just what we come to expect. It does nothing out of the ordinary or spectacular but it’s a really solid game that should last you quite a while.

I wouldn’t pay full price but when this is $20 I’ll be all over it.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆